Wrap-up: February 2020

February was #FFFeb, so we both challenged ourselves to only read sapphic books for the whole month. Which was, to a degree, successful. Which means what you see here is every single book we read this month.

It’s also the first month I think ever that I (Anna) have watched less things than Charlotte… Let’s please all give her a round of applause!

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Wrap-up: January 2020

As always and to no one’s surprise, Charlotte read more last month than me & I watched more than she. But surprisingly, I read quite a few fantasy novels! So really, if you think about it, it was a month of surprises…

Anyway, we both read some amazing books, so take a look at our lists!

(Also I realised I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately, so if any of you wants a specific rec list from me, please don’t hesitate to say so in the comments & I’ll do my best!)

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Wrap-up: December 2019

For some of us (and by some of us, I mean Charlotte) December was an amazing month, reading-wise. Some of us read literally dozens of books and have a lot of recs to share with you guys. Other people (and by other people, I mean me, Anna) focused on watching gay movies & have close to nothing to share with you guys, because watching gay movies is a lot like playing Russian roulette – you just can’t tell which one will do you in.

Regardless, we both ended the year on a very gay note, so explore!

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Wrap-up: November 2019

November was a less busy month on the blog, after the hecticness that was October (and is going to be December too…), but we still posted a fair bit, and, on a whim, started our own LGBT lit choice awards (which may or may not continue next year).

And I (Charlotte) for once watched more things than Anna did (please note this down because it’ll never happen again).

So, here’s our wrapup! As ever, the fire emoji indicates a reread/rewatch.

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Wrap-up: October 2019

October was not very good to us when it came to reading. Personally I was in a lowkey reading slump (yet again), but I don’t know what is Charlotte’s excuse for reading barely ten books… (edit: that’s a lie, I read only 10 LGBT books not 10 books total)

To be fair Charlotte made me watch 9-1-1 and we’ve both been thinking about little else since.

In any case! Here are the LGBT titles we consumed last month! And once again, the fire emoji indicates a reread/rewatch,

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Wrap-up: September 2019

September was a great reading month for us, by which I mean I managed to read basically as many books as Charlotte! (So what if it was only because she was busy finishing her research project for uni…) But in any case, we both read some great books, so you should definitely pay attention to our lists!

You’ll also notice a fire emoji next to some titles. I figured it might be cool to mark the books we’ve reread.

(As ever, though, Anna beat me at watching things in September.)

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Wrap-up: August 2019

August seems like it’s lasted forever, to be quite honest (though that may in part be because of my research project, and now the final two weeks are gonna go by like nothing, but okay). We have a lot of things in this post (mostly because I read a lot and Anna watched – comparatively – a lot).

And there were some great posts we saw as well! So, without further ado, here’s our wrap-up!

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Wrap-up: July 2019

Personally, I don’t know when this whole month went past. If you asked me what day it is and didn’t show me a calendar, I would say it’s like… maybe… July 17th?? But here we are, already in August.

Neither of us really read A Lot in July, which I will gladly blame on it being the summer holidays (even though I didn’t get time off from work at all). And yes, I am aware that Charlotte’s list is 23 books long, but believe me – for her? That’s nothing. On my part, I was doing pretty well, until I read struggled with this one Polish book that was so awful, it actually put me off reading for the rest of the month…

Hopefully, August will be amazing for both of us! And for all of you, too! And now, let’s dive into the past.

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Wrap-up: June 2019

We had an epic June (and Pride Month), so what better way to finish it off than to give you a wrap-up of all the amazing things that happened on this blog and others! So we thought, what better than to highlight some of the best (and gayest) books and posts of the month.

We’re starting with what each of us read and watched this month (even the stuff we hated, yes), complete with any reviews we wrote. And then we want to highlight some great posts from the community we read. Hopefully, this will become a more regular feature, but who knows.

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