Book Releases: June 2020

It’s almost Pride!! Personally I can’t believe it’s already time for the best month in a year…

A lot of great books is coming out during Pride, but also it’s actually really amazing that Pride isn’t even the busiest month for LGBT releases this year. There are only around 80 and take it from me, guys, that’s number is far from being a record high.

So, without further ado, browse away!

(As always, the rainbow emoji indicates that the rep is ownvoices.)

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Book Releases: January 2020 (I)

It’s a new year, and a new list of releases to crack on with. We have, so far, amassed over 350 upcoming books for 2020. And of those, 45 are out in January (that we currently know of, because undoubtedly we’ll find we missed some out eventually).

So, as an early Christmas present, here are the first two weeks of January releases!

As ever, all our previous posts are here.

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Book Club: November Read

For November, we figured we would do something a little different (given that it’s currently book club 2 – 1 Anna). So instead of a picking a single book, we’ve picked three novellas, two at 20 pages and one at 60. I (Charlotte) will be trying to read them all (cannot speak for Anna, who has not yet even started the October read), but you’re welcome to pick and choose which to read or not. And because they’re novellas, they can hopefully be read in one sitting.

And, of course, each of the novellas contains a trans or nonbinary main character in a fantasy (or sci-fi) setting.

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Book Recs: Novellas

We all have those days where you have an oh shit moment and realise you’re behind on your Goodreads challenge and what are you going to do??? Well. I have for you here a guaranteed way of boosting your numbers. Read loads of novellas! (Although, to be honest, I don’t really know what constitutes a “novella” and what’s a short story or even a novelette, but that’s a whole other kettle of fish.) Anyway, these are some of the best ones I’ve read (and they’re all gay, of course).

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