Book Club: March Read

For March’s read, you voted we pick sci-fi. So the chances of Anna not reading a third book club book in a row have immediately skyrocketed.

We ended up picking a very recent release from an author we have both liked the short stories of for March’s read. Hopefully, that means we’ll both read the book for the first time in about 3 months.

So take a look to see what we selected.

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Book Recs: Tor Novellas

At the beginning of December, I decided (foolishly) to aim to have read 400 books in 2019 (being, at the time, only on about 325). I made it, exhaustedly sure, but I made it. And I did so by reading a lot of novellas on

So, obviously, armed with that knowledge, I had to make a rec list. There are only my favourite 10 on here, but I also made a longer thread on twitter, with every single one I read over that time.

So enjoy!

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Book Releases: January (II)

Not that I completely forgot I had to do this post, but I maybe completely forgot I had to do this post. But no matter! I’m just in time.

The first part of January brought us an influx of amazing releases (check them out here), and the second part continues with that. I know I said that there were 45 books out this month, but I have since found several more and that number is closer to 70 now (and, of course, we missed the release date of a few, so get ready for a massive post at the end of the year again).

But anyway, take a peek at what’s in store!

And as ever, all our previous posts are here.

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Book Recs: Best of 2019

Last year we only allowed ourselves to choose 3 best books each. That was torture and so this year we expanded that number to 5. We were also very careful to choose only books that were published in 2019 and read by us in 2019 (barring one 2020 release from me, Charlotte, because I never listen to what Anna says and also I need everyone to mark it to read ASAP).

I wonder if any of our choices are predictable to you, guys…

In any case, here are ten best LGBT books we have read this year! (And our dear wish that we could have pick more books.)

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Book Club: The Shape of My Name, Sky and Dew, Witch, Cat & Cobb

A confession to make before we start: neither of us actually got to reading Witch, Cat & Cobb, so there won’t be a review for that one here (Anna didn’t even manage Sky and Dew, but there you go).

And if you haven’t read the novellas with us in November, hopefully our reviews will inspire you to start them now!

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Book Club: The Disasters

Took us a hot second to write down the reviews, but come on guys, it just be like that sometimes… The important thing is that we’re here and we’re ready to talk about the book! Hopefully you have read it with us and we can actually have some fun chatting!

And don’t forget: for November we chose three novellas! They’re so short, you have no excuse not to read at least one of them!

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Book Releases: November

It’s almost the end of the year which means it’s almost (if you’re very prepared, unlike me) time to start thinking about Christmas presents, and what better gift is there than an LGBT book?

Luckily for you, there are over 30 such books coming out in November alone.

And, of course, we’ve covered over 400 other releases in our previous posts!

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Book Club: October Read

This month, we asked something different in choosing our read. Instead of genre, we wanted to know a trope you wanted to read. (And also because Anna wanted to read contemporary because she’s picky about genre like that.)

And the trope you picked was found family. At which point, me and Anna realised we don’t actually know any contemporary found family books that we haven’t yet read, so we ended up instead going for sci fi.

But this is all just an incredibly rambly way of saying, we have picked our October book, and are very excited for you to join in!

Also, don’t forget to take part in our Orientation twitter chat happening tomorrow at 4pm GMT if you read the book!

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Book Releases: September (II)

The first ten days of September brought us some excellent releases (which you can remind yourself of here). But the month isn’t done with us just yet. Remember how I said there were over sixty releases in September?

Well, these are the other thirty-odd of those.

So, dig in, and enjoy!

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Book Releases: September (I)

After a couple of more relaxed months in terms of releases, September brings us 60 alone. Some of our most anticipated releases are out this month (*cough cough* lesbian necromancers *cough cough*), and we are just as excited get to them as undoubtedly you are too.

So, in the interests of not rambling too much, let’s get into it!

(And, as ever, you can find all our previous release lists here.)
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