Book Releases: April 2020

In these weird times, all of us could use something nice to read. Especially if wanting to read books means pre-ordering them and helping out authors who are debuting in upcoming months. And hey!, if you can afford it, consider using an indie bookstore for all your orders! Which should be plenty, given how many great books are coming out next month, just saying.

So, without further ado, here are 85 (!) LGBT April releases!

(As always, the rainbow emoji indicates that the rep is ownvoices.)

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Book Releases: January-June 2020 Books With Bi Protagonists

If you’re looking for books with bisexual and/or pansexual characters, you’re in luck. Here’s a list of all books coming out in January-June 2020 that fit that description.

Finding specific rep in upcoming books isn’t always easy, so I want to make some things clear before we start:

1) I included only books that use the bi & pan labels or, in case of sff ones, that make it clear from context the characters are bi or pan. It’s not always clear-cut but I figured that if you’re looking for bi/pan rep, you’re looking for something concrete;

2) I did not include books which I wasn’t sure about, because I didn’t want to falsely advertise. If there’s anything I missed that you know for a fact features a bi or pan protag, please let me know!

I’ll be also marking YA books with a ✌️ emoji, if that’s something that you’re interested in. And, as always, a 🌈 emoji indicates an ownvoices book.

(You might also be interested in these posts about 2020 YA releases & 2020 releases with non-cis characters.)

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Book Releases: March 2020

March brings us another 81 releases – we are really being spoiled this year, aren’t we – featuring some of mine and Anna’s most anticipated. And, like last month, they’re all in one place!

You can find all our previous releases posts here. Any errors in rep are mine, etc, etc.


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Book Releases: February 2020

We decided to change things up a little bit! And by that I mean we decided that from now on we will be putting all monthly releases in one post! (With a different format, too.)

So now you’re about to see around 90 LGBT books coming out this February. I hope you’re ready!

(The rainbow emoji next to a specific rep in a book means it’s ownvoices.)

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Book Releases: 2020 Books With Non-Cis Protagonists

I told you about all the YA upcoming books of the first half of the year & today I’m here to tell you about all the 2020 books with non-cis protagonists. As the title implies, this list is compiled of books with main characters who are trans or non-binary, or both, or genderfluid… Everyone who is not cis.

I want to make three things clear:

1) this is a list of all the books I know of at the moment which is not to say it’s a list of all the books in existence;

2) I decided to include love interests as well, since they usually play a pretty major role in the story, but not other side characters;

3) I’m marking as ownvoices (with a 🌈 emoji) books written by authors whose gender identity matches the mc’s – please correct me, if I got something wrong.
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Book Releases: LGBT YA Books of January-June 2020

If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you might be aware that I (Anna) tend to read YA literature. Well, not exclusively, but I sure enjoy it a lot. So for me to make a post solely about YA releases was really just a matter of time…

There are over 90 118 books listed here, getting publish from Janury to June 2020. Hopefully I didn’t miss anything but as a disclaimer: this is a list of all LGBT YA upcoming books I know about today. (I edited this post in March 2020 to add some books Charlotte & I learned about in recent weeks.)

The books are divided by publication month and each has the rep listed (in as detailed way, as we were able to find out). Ownvoices books also have a rainbow emoji next to them.

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Book Releases: All The 2019 Releases We Heard About Too Late

A good few times this year, I turned to Anna or Anna turned to me (metaphorically because we are some 1,000 miles away from one another in real life) and said hey look I found another book we missed off our list! Because there are several many books we either didn’t hear about in time (sad) or didn’t know were gay at all (even sadder).

So, because we want to promote ALL the LGBT books we possibly can, we started this post. All the LGBT books we didn’t hear about in time to add to our monthly releases list (and, if you thought we had some long monthly releases lists, you haven’t seen anything yet).

Undoubtedly, there are still more we’ve missed off, even after all this, but here are the NUMBER books that we didn’t get the first time round.

But before we start, just for you all, have a list of


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Book Releases: January (I)

It’s a new year, and a new list of releases to crack on with. We have, so far, amassed over 350 upcoming books for 2020. And of those, 45 are out in January (that we currently know of, because undoubtedly we’ll find we missed some out eventually).

So, as an early Christmas present, here are the first two weeks of January releases!

As ever, all our previous posts are here.

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Film and TV Recs: Pride Month Special

Like we said at the start of the month, we’re making our Pride Month rec lists a little special. We’re adding quizzes to them! If you click the link below, the quiz will help you find a film or TV show that suits your needs. Alternatively, you can scroll through all our recs here.

Take the quiz!

Of course, you can be sure that these are all films and shows with happy endings for their LGBT characters (though, if we’re talking ones that haven’t finished yet, we obviously can’t confirm that). But trust us, even when it looks bad in some of them. Trust us. Also, because we haven’t watched all of them, we can’t be sure what content warnings there for them. If there is a * against one, that means we have watched it and there are some CWs, so just comment if you want to know more.

Finally, the key:

lesbians & wlw relationships: ☀️
gays & mlm relationships: 🌿
bi or pan characters: 💎
trans, genderqueer, non-binary, gnc characters: 🌷

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Book Releases: June (II)

Quick heads-up, please remember that this is only one part of books coming out this Pride – my previous post, covering the first few days of the month, is here. So check that one out as well if you haven’t yet!

And you can always see what past releases you might have missed – here are all our posts about LGBT books that came out recently.

Honestly, though! Can you think of a better way to celebrate Pride, than publishing so many wonderful books? Yeah, me neither.

So check out what more June has in store for us!

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