Most Anticipated 2020 Releases: January to June

It’s that time of year again when we can look at everything that is coming our way and chose what we’re most excited about. We do these things because we like to suffer… Honestly, our list of 2020 LGBT books is almost 300 titles long and we decided making a list of twelve is a good idea?

But hey, who doesn’t like lists, right? So dive in to see which books of the upcoming six months we simply cannot wait to read!

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Most Anticipated Releases: 2019, July to December

Way back last December, we made a post of one book each we were excited for for every month from January to June (which you can find here). It’s now the end of June, we’re halfway through the year, and so here’s part two of that. One book from each of us for every month until the end of the year.

You have no idea how hard this was to do. Just one book? When there are so many amazing releases still to come? But we had to limit it that much because, like we said in the last post, there’s just so many exciting releases coming (no, really, on the year, our list is touching FOUR HUNDRED BOOKS).

As ever, we will be doing posts of releases per month, but here are twelve (very gay) books we just can’t wait for!

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Most Anticipated Releases: 2019, January to June

First things first! Let me remind you guys abt the G I V E A W A Y we are running! You have a chance to win one book that’s coming out in 2019! You can also just check it out on Charlotte’s twitter!

Anyway. The year is coming to the end which means it’s high time to talk about what 2019 has in store for us! We all know 20gayteen has been good to the LGBT readers, some truly spectacular books came out & our gay hearts were soaring. But guess what? 2019 is shaping up to be just as good, if not better!

This post is actually just a taste of what’s to come. Charlotte and me compiled a list of upcoming releases that turned out to be way too long to present you all at once! So what we settled on finally is this: we both chose only one release per month that we’re especially excited about.

But guys, why so few, you might ask? Well, like I said, there is A Lot of LGBT magic coming our way next year. Plus we will still be doing our monthly (longer) posts about new releases, like we started this fall. We don’t wanna overwhelm you! (Also… Not all books have set release dates yet & it was kinda messing up our list…)

So let’s go!! Twelve beautifully gay books to look forward to!

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