Book Recs: Books With Less Than 400 Goodreads Ratings (I)

A bit of a different post for you today in that it’s not really got a theme as such. Instead I went for books that I’d rec that have fewer than 400 ratings (criminally) on Goodreads (as voted for on twitter, actually).

There is a somewhat…eclectic mix here, for sure. But I hope it’s such that you will be able to find something you’re interested in, no matter what you’re looking for.

Oh, and I tried my best to include books that didn’t have so few ratings just because they had only recently been released.

So check it out!

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Book Recs: Twitter’s Best Gay Books

About, oh a month or two back, I asked a question on twitter. Namely, if you had to rec a single LGBT book (cruel I know), what would it be.

Well, these are the results — 50+ books recommended by 50+ folks!

Related: twitter’s favourite sapphic romances and twitter’s favourite trans books.
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If You Liked This Book, Try…

This month we decided to add a little series to the blog, one that centres on reccing a piece of media, given another, more popular piece of media. It’ll come in four parts: books, films and TV, and music, and then straight media specifically.

So today’s post is the first of those parts. We’ve picked 10 pretty popular books or series (which may themselves have some form of LGBT rep), and recced you three other books depending on what you might like about that series.

(As ever, 🌈 means the author identifies as LGBT.)

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Misc Media Recs: Podcasts, Webseries & Webcomics (I)

At the beginning of the month, I got really into podcasts, because they gave me something to listen to while I was playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Or rather, one podcast. Because this list was initially supposed to be only podcasts, with a few webseries thrown in.

Instead… Well, you can see what it is instead.

But anyway. Sometimes you just need an easily and rapidly consumable shot of LGBT media, hence why on this post you can find recs for podcasts, webseries and webcomics. And this will be an ongoing series too.

If you enjoyed any of these recs, please do support the creators however you can (Patreon, Tapas, etc — there should be links on websites, hopefully, or at least links to the creators’ pages).

So, pick your content and let’s go!


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Book Recs: Sapphic YA Contemporary (I)

I’m back with another f/f rec list today! This time, I’m reccing YA contemporary novels. Contemporary, because that’s what you voted for. YA because I decided (or rather, Anna told me) to split the rec lists by age (adult/NA/YA). And because I always* do what Anna says, that’s what’s happening.

(*this is not true.)

Because there is (comparably) a lot of f/f YA contemporary, I’m starting off part one of this lot of rec lists focusing on that which is less well-known (and maybe one or two five upcoming releases I’m incredibly excited for, just to whet your appetite). I’m also including ones which, while they do not have an f/f relationship, do have a sapphic mc.

As ever, all the previous posts are here.

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Book Releases: June (I)

We are almost halfway through the year and Pride Month is upon us! Can you guys believe how fast the time flew? I can’t, especially with all the changes in my life lately (I moved into my own flat!).

We found forty two (42) nicely looking LGBT books coming out in June. Not as many as in May, but still a big number, right? Actually, our whole list for this year is nearly four hundreds titles long… Please don’t ever tell me you can’t find gay shit to read.

I’m only covering the first few days of June today, the rest will have to wait for the second post! And yes, there are enough books coming out in a less than a week for me to make a list of them. I know, sounds like a dream to me, too.

Also a little tidbit, maybe of interest to some of you: there are 13 sapphic (in any capacity) books on today’s list.

Let’s dive in!

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Book Recs: Lesbian Authors

April 26th is the International Lesbian Visibility Day! And what’s a better way to celebrate that than having a lesbian talk about other lesbians? (Possibly getting said lesbian a girlfriend but shh…)

I was actually talking with Charlotte about what we should post for this occasion and at first we just wanted to go with books with lesbian protags. But then we realised… As many sapphic books as we’re getting lately, still not a lot of them uses the word “lesbian” on page. And I’m not gonna lie, I would really love for us to finally get over that and stop treating lesbian as a dirty word or whatever is happening here.

But yes, this is why y’all are getting a rec list of books written by lesbians. We gotta stick together, right? I’m also changing the format of our rec lists for this one, because I want to highlight authors more than anything else. I’ll be putting one book per a lesbian here, but that’s not to say I think it’s the only one you should read!

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Book Releases: March 2019 (I)

March marks the busiest month so far in terms of 2019 releases. No, really, we have over thirty releases on our list (and probably a fair few we’ve missed off, if we’re being realistic) – more than one a day on average! With that in mind, the releases list is going to be split into two parts: one covering the first week of March (17 releases alone), and the other the remainder.

So, in the interests of not making this post any longer than it has to be, let’s go!

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Book Recs: The Great Big LGBT Rec List (IV)

Today is the day (for better or for worse). We’ve reached the last part of our recs list (sad face). You can find the rest of the list here. I’m really not sure what to say here, because it’s all been said, and I just feel like saying more would mean talking out my arse, so like. On to the books!

A brief reminder of the key:

lesbians & wlw relationships: ☀️
gays & mlm relationships: 🌿
bisexual characters: 💎
trans, genderqueer, non-binary, gnc characters: 🌷
LGBT authors: 🌈
poetry: 🌉

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Book Recs: The Great Big LGBT Rec List (I)

We talked about this giant rec list on twitter before & if anyone thought we’re only joking… well, you guys just don’t know how serious we are about LGBT literature yet.

100 LGBT books. Fifty from me & fifty from Charlotte. Our favourite titles that we think everyone should read. Posted in four neat parts over the first two weeks of the year, so we can start off 2019 properly.

Of course, for this list to make sense, you have to know what rep you can expect from each book. And this time, to make things obvious right away (and also to make everything cuter), we chose to use various emojis. And so it goes:

lesbians & wlw relationships: ☀️
gays & mlm relationships: 🌿
bisexual characters: 💎
trans, genderqueer, non-binary, gnc characters: 🌷
LGBT authors: 🌈

And because most of the list is composed of novels and short stories, we decided to mark poetry as well: 🌉

Let’s go!

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