Book Recs: Warm LGBT Hug Books

We asked what rec lists you guys would like to see & got this gorgeous request that maybe, possibly we have almost fought over. Just maybe.

So anyway, the request was: “wholesome books full of queer characters if possible, essentially just books that feel like a big queer warm hug because I cannot handle reading anything else”. You would fight to recommend people books like that, too, wouldn’t you? Enjoy then!

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Book Recs: LGBT Graphic Novels (II)

I’ve made a rec list for LGBT graphic novels before (funnily enough, it was on Christmas Eve two years ago) and you can check it out here. But the truth is, you can never have too many of those in your life! Which is why I decided that part two of that particular rec list is long overdue.

So here we are! Ten more LGBT graphic novels, across a bunch of genres and for various target audiences. Hope you will find a new favourite here.

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Book Recs: Gay books matching the feeling of Siken poetry

My credentials to write this post are as follows: I have read War of the Foxes 6 times, and Crush 27 times. When I say I’m obssessed with Siken’s poetry…

I asked people on twitter to share their favourite quotes by Siken with me. And granted, that happened a few months ago, but time flows differently in 2020. So here I am today, with gay and sapphic novels that somehow match the feelings evoked by said Siken quotes. Some of them will make you cry, as they should, but some of them are just beautifully hopeful.

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Book Recs: LGBT YA books with supportive parents

If there is one thing I care about deeply when it comes to YA literature, it’s supportive parents. I firmly believe that at least in fiction, LGBT kids deserve only the best. And nothing can be more formative than your parents being perfectly fine with who you are (as they always should be!) & allowing you to grow up with love and confidence.

So this is why this rec list got made. Because as much as I personally adore supportive parents, it’s still not the opinion shared by majority and books featuring them are scarce. All the more reasons to appreciate them!

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Book Releases: 2019 LGBT YA Books

If you follow our blog and/or twitter accounts, you’re probably aware I’m (Anna) a big fan of YA books. So it was always just a matter of time before I made for you guys a compilation post like this, to highlight the books I enjoy reading the most… And of course, I already made posts like this for this year:

LGBT YA books of January-June 2020 & LGBT YA books of July-December 2020

For this list, I decided to mark if a book is a part of an ongoing series, just so you know you have some catching up to do before you can read it. Per tradition, I also listed trigger warnings whenever I knew about them. If there’s something else you think I should add, please let me know!

And of course, books by LGBT authors – to the best of my knowledge – are marked with a 🌈 emoji! Once again, please correct me if I’m wrong.

So dive in! There are over 160 books on this list, you’re bound to find something for yourself!

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Book Releases: October 2019 (I)

As almost every month this year, the list of LGBT releases is too long to put in one post and overwhelm you guys. Which is why today I only listed books coming out between October 1st and 8th. Eight days and twenty five (25) books of so many different genres, y’all are bound to find a new favourite!

Just in case you’re here for the first time:

all our posts about LGBT books that came out in recent months

So without any further ado!

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Book Releases: June 2019 (II)

Quick heads-up, please remember that this is only one part of books coming out this Pride – my previous post, covering the first few days of the month, is here. So check that one out as well if you haven’t yet!

And you can always see what past releases you might have missed – here are all our posts about LGBT books that came out recently.

Honestly, though! Can you think of a better way to celebrate Pride, than publishing so many wonderful books? Yeah, me neither.

So check out what more June has in store for us!

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Book Recs: Witches (And Other Magic-Doers)

LGBT people are magic, so obviously I had to do a rec list of LGBT books with witches (and various other magic-doers). Shamefully, I haven’t read all that many (that I’m willing to rec. There is that One Series We Don’t Talk About as well, but it’ll be a cold day in hell when I rec that), so some of the ones on here are ones people I trust have loved, or ones that aren’t yet published.

But, because they’re about witches (and other magic-doers), and they’re LGBT, I can guarantee* that they’ll be amazing.

*Please don’t actually hold me to this, thanks.

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Book Recs: Enemies to Lovers

We all know how good a trope enemies (or rivals) to lovers can be when it’s done right. It has that perfect intensity and tension, and the point where they realise that actually they don’t hate each other any more and you get pining? Absolutely brilliant. So, of course, I had to do a rec list (and also, this was what was voted for on Twitter). There’s actually a lot of overlap between this list and some other ones, mostly because when a book has one of my favourite tropes it tends to hit a few more at the same time. And also. Because it’s a favourite trope, if the book is good it normally rockets onto my favourites shelf.

So, without further ado, the list.

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Book Recs: The Great Big LGBT Rec List (I)

We talked about this giant rec list on twitter before & if anyone thought we’re only joking… well, you guys just don’t know how serious we are about LGBT literature yet.

100 LGBT books. Fifty from me & fifty from Charlotte. Our favourite titles that we think everyone should read. Posted in four neat parts over the first two weeks of the year, so we can start off 2019 properly.

Of course, for this list to make sense, you have to know what rep you can expect from each book. And this time, to make things obvious right away (and also to make everything cuter), we chose to use various emojis. And so it goes:

lesbians & wlw relationships: ☀️
gays & mlm relationships: 🌿
bisexual characters: 💎
trans, genderqueer, non-binary, gnc characters: 🌷
LGBT authors: 🌈

And because most of the list is composed of novels and short stories, we decided to mark poetry as well: 🌉

Let’s go!

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