Book Recs: Christmas (and Other Winter Holidays)

Because we promised (vaguely, maybe a while back on twitter), me and Anna have some wintery rec lists for you! We’ve trawled through all the Christmas (and other winter holiday) media, just to find something gay all for you (ask Anna about her travails with Christmas films I dare you).

And here is the first of those rec lists! Ten books (mostly novellas in this one) for you set during Christmas (or another winter holiday, but mostly Christmas because it’s surprisingly difficult to find holiday novellas that are a) gay and b) not Christmas-specific. Obviously I wasn’t trying hard enough).

But anyway. Onwards.

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Book Releases: September (I)

After a couple of more relaxed months in terms of releases, September brings us 60 alone. Some of our most anticipated releases are out this month (*cough cough* lesbian necromancers *cough cough*), and we are just as excited get to them as undoubtedly you are too.

So, in the interests of not rambling too much, let’s get into it!

(And, as ever, you can find all our previous release lists here.)
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Buddy Read: Girl Made of Stars

Week three of our little, proud project is upon us and this time we were reading a book with a bisexual protagonist. Cool fact about this book is that the MC actually uses the label, it shows up multiple times and there’s actual on page representation. Feels good, feels organic. (It’s also another book by Ashley Herring Blake where that happens!)

That being said, if you count me and Anna individually, we’re currently going 1 in 4 for how good our buddy reads are. So, to say we’re really hoping the last book improves on that is an understatement…

Read on to find out which one of us actually enjoyed this week’s book!

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Book Releases: March (I)

March marks the busiest month so far in terms of 2019 releases. No, really, we have over thirty releases on our list (and probably a fair few we’ve missed off, if we’re being realistic) – more than one a day on average! With that in mind, the releases list is going to be split into two parts: one covering the first week of March (17 releases alone), and the other the remainder.

So, in the interests of not making this post any longer than it has to be, let’s go!

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