Book Releases: January-June 2020 Books With Bi Protagonists

If you’re looking for books with bisexual and/or pansexual characters, you’re in luck. Here’s a list of all books coming out in January-June 2020 that fit that description.

Finding specific rep in upcoming books isn’t always easy, so I want to make some things clear before we start:

1) I included only books that use the bi & pan labels or, in case of sff ones, that make it clear from context the characters are bi or pan. It’s not always clear-cut but I figured that if you’re looking for bi/pan rep, you’re looking for something concrete;

2) I did not include books which I wasn’t sure about, because I didn’t want to falsely advertise. If there’s anything I missed that you know for a fact features a bi or pan protag, please let me know!

I’ll be also marking YA books with a ✌️ emoji, if that’s something that you’re interested in. And, as always, a 🌈 emoji indicates an ownvoices book.

(You might also be interested in these posts about 2020 YA releases & 2020 releases with non-cis characters.)

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Book Releases: February 2020

We decided to change things up a little bit! And by that I mean we decided that from now on we will be putting all monthly releases in one post! (With a different format, too.)

So now you’re about to see around 90 LGBT books coming out this February. I hope you’re ready!

(The rainbow emoji next to a specific rep in a book means it’s ownvoices.)

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Book Releases: 2020 Books With Non-Cis Protagonists

I told you about all the YA upcoming books of the first half of the year & today I’m here to tell you about all the 2020 books with non-cis protagonists. As the title implies, this list is compiled of books with main characters who are trans or non-binary, or both, or genderfluid… Everyone who is not cis.

I want to make three things clear:

1) this is a list of all the books I know of at the moment which is not to say it’s a list of all the books in existence;

2) I decided to include love interests as well, since they usually play a pretty major role in the story, but not other side characters;

3) I’m marking as ownvoices (with a 🌈 emoji) books written by authors whose gender identity matches the mc’s – please correct me, if I got something wrong.
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Book Releases: January (I)

It’s a new year, and a new list of releases to crack on with. We have, so far, amassed over 350 upcoming books for 2020. And of those, 45 are out in January (that we currently know of, because undoubtedly we’ll find we missed some out eventually).

So, as an early Christmas present, here are the first two weeks of January releases!

As ever, all our previous posts are here.

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Book Recs: LGBT Retellings (Myths)

Part two of my retellings rec lists, as promised! You can find part one here & it was all about LGBT retellings of fairy tales.

Now, when it comes to mythologies… I actually had a bit of a problem. I wasn’t sure if I should include retellings of The Odyssey, for example. Sure, we have mythology there, but also part three of this series is going to be Classic Texts & wouldn’t it be more of a fit there? I even ran a poll on twitter and y’all were who decided in the end. :>>

Also obviously my first thought for this theme was The Song of Achilles, because I am gay and love to suffer, but I figured there’s no point in reccing a book we have all read multiple times.

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Book Recs: Superheroes

Look me in the eyes and answer one single question: is there anything better than gay superheroes?

No! The correct answer is no & I’m glad we all agree on that. It also means that I compiled a list of ten books with LGBT superheroes just for you guys. And a quick note – only two of those are comics! This is not to say that comics are anything less than, which is an absurd notion & one I absolutely do not want associated with me or this blog. But I wanted to showcase that superheroes are more than beautiful comics and can have their stories told through novels as well!

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Book Recs: High Fantasy

Have you ever noticed how a lot of fantasy with LGBT characters tends to be urban fantasy? Obviously, that’s no bad thing, but sometimes you just want to read about LGBT characters in high fantasy settings. (Or, let’s be real, you want to read high fantasy settings without the casual homophobia, but apparently that’s too hard for some people to write. Not that I’m bitter, but.) Because it’s fantasy, so why shouldn’t we be there too?

So here are ten high fantasy books with LGBT mains. Brief disclaimer before I begin: there are three books on here I haven’t read, but people I trust have reviewed them highly (and also I plan to read them asap).

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Book Recs: The Great Big LGBT Rec List (IV)

Today is the day (for better or for worse). We’ve reached the last part of our recs list (sad face). You can find the rest of the list here. I’m really not sure what to say here, because it’s all been said, and I just feel like saying more would mean talking out my arse, so like. On to the books!

A brief reminder of the key:

lesbians & wlw relationships: ☀️
gays & mlm relationships: 🌿
bisexual characters: 💎
trans, genderqueer, non-binary, gnc characters: 🌷
LGBT authors: 🌈
poetry: 🌉

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Book Recs: The Great Big LGBT Rec List (I)

We talked about this giant rec list on twitter before & if anyone thought we’re only joking… well, you guys just don’t know how serious we are about LGBT literature yet.

100 LGBT books. Fifty from me & fifty from Charlotte. Our favourite titles that we think everyone should read. Posted in four neat parts over the first two weeks of the year, so we can start off 2019 properly.

Of course, for this list to make sense, you have to know what rep you can expect from each book. And this time, to make things obvious right away (and also to make everything cuter), we chose to use various emojis. And so it goes:

lesbians & wlw relationships: ☀️
gays & mlm relationships: 🌿
bisexual characters: 💎
trans, genderqueer, non-binary, gnc characters: 🌷
LGBT authors: 🌈

And because most of the list is composed of novels and short stories, we decided to mark poetry as well: 🌉

Let’s go!

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Book Recs: NA Romances

If you’re like me, then you’ll understand that sometimes, you really have to read a romance novel. And, of course, 99% of the time, you just can’t find a decent LGBT one – it’s all either sex-filled and lacking tension, or straight-up awful. So, the point of this list is to rec you ten of the best LGBT NA romances I’ve read (hopefully, to be the first part of many).

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