Book Recs: High Fantasy (II)

It’s been a while since I did my first high fantasy rec list on here, and I’ve read a lot more of it since so, it being Friday and I cannot come up with a more interesting theme for this list, I decided that it’s the perfect time for a sequel.

In the interests of making this list a little more, I don’t know, readable, I suppose, I’m going to only include books that are already out. So, yes, there are several upcoming I’ve read and loved, but they won’t be on here. Plenty of motivation to make a part three then though…

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Book Recs: Enemies to Lovers (II)

Waaaay back when this blog was just a baby blog, I did a rec list of enemies to lovers (or otherwise hate to love) and that rec list has been probably one of the most viewed of all time. But then I went back and looked at it the other day, and was like …this is quite basic.

And hence the idea for a second part was born.

Before we begin, however, I would like to say yes I am aware that enemies to lovers and hate to love are not synonymous. No, I don’t really care, but if you want to be specific, this is more of a hate to love list.

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Book Recs: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum

In desperation, two days ago, I asked for a rec list theme. The response I got was the theme of pirates, or the sea in general. Now, I’ve not read that many pirate books (not that I would feel able to rec, at least), so I went with the latter.

So, if you’ve been listening to sea shanties non-stop for however long, in this list you’ll be able to find yourself a book that they’re the perfect soundtrack to.

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Most Anticipated 2021 Releases: January to June

It’s a busy start to 2021 for this blog, what with our favourite books and tv/film/other media of 2020 posts, but now we come to the exciting stuff. Our 12 most anticipated releases of January to June 2021. There are, obviously, a vast number of books we couldn’t include here, so this is not the be all and end all of everything we’re excited about.

This year we are also going to do our best to actually read every book that we select in these two posts (instead of deciding to try it in September, leaving Anna with a near impossible task).

Also an important note from Anna: there are books I was able to choose as my most anticipated because I haven’t read them yet, because unlike Charlotte I’m a little baby forever stuck in a reading slump and I don’t read ARCs we’re granted on time.

Related: Twitter’s anticipated releases in 2021.
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Film and TV Recs: Pride Month Special

Like we said at the start of the month, we’re making our Pride Month rec lists a little special. We’re adding quizzes to them! If you click the link below, the quiz will help you find a film or TV show that suits your needs. Alternatively, you can scroll through all our recs here.

Take the quiz!

Of course, you can be sure that these are all films and shows with happy endings for their LGBT characters (though, if we’re talking ones that haven’t finished yet, we obviously can’t confirm that). But trust us, even when it looks bad in some of them. Trust us. Also, because we haven’t watched all of them, we can’t be sure what content warnings there for them. If there is a * against one, that means we have watched it and there are some CWs, so just comment if you want to know more.

Finally, the key:

lesbians & wlw relationships: ☀️
gays & mlm relationships: 🌿
bi or pan characters: 💎
trans, genderqueer, non-binary, gnc characters: 🌷

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Book Releases: June (I)

We are almost halfway through the year and Pride Month is upon us! Can you guys believe how fast the time flew? I can’t, especially with all the changes in my life lately (I moved into my own flat!).

We found forty two (42) nicely looking LGBT books coming out in June. Not as many as in May, but still a big number, right? Actually, our whole list for this year is nearly four hundreds titles long… Please don’t ever tell me you can’t find gay shit to read.

I’m only covering the first few days of June today, the rest will have to wait for the second post! And yes, there are enough books coming out in a less than a week for me to make a list of them. I know, sounds like a dream to me, too.

Also a little tidbit, maybe of interest to some of you: there are 13 sapphic (in any capacity) books on today’s list.

Let’s dive in!

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Book Recs: Books Set at Boarding Schools

First rec list published at my new flat! Because oh yeah, by the way, guys! I moved last Saturday. I’m still settling in, which is most obvious by the state of my bookcase – I just put books on it to get them out of boxes, but order? Never heard of her.

Anyway. Back to why we are actually here. Books set at boarding schools! I feel like it’s one of those Hot Tropes that y’all really like, so I hope my selection won’t disappoint. It’s actually an expanded version of a post I made some time ago on my own blog. (That one had Marchetta whose book I couldn’t use here because sadly it’s not gay.)

Frankly, though, I’m treating it a little bit loosely, by which I mean there are also books set at a university or books that take place at a boarding school only for a while. Generally speaking, there’s some kind of dorm situation in each book, though. So I think we’re good. Let’s go.

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Book Recs: Books Taking Place in Space

Not gonna lie, Charlotte was the one who came up with today’s theme. Bur surprisingly she only helped me choose I think one title? But yes, see, we work together to bring you only the best stuff!!

Anyway, finding sci-fi books that specifically take place in space and not just in the future on a very different Earth… It’s not the easiest thing in the world. Especially, when one needs those books to have LGBT rep. Like one does. Always.

But I hope I did a decent job and you will find something of interest here! Let’s dive in!

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Book Releases: October 2018

20gayteen is treating us so well & this is true for books, too, of course! So much good stuff is already out there and the list for just October itself isn’t short either, guys. What a beautiful time to be alive (and gay).

Our objective with bringing titles to your attention is, obviously, to highlight the kind of lgbt rep they give us. But we also want to be picky about that, only talk about books that genuinely interest us. We deserve as much already, right?

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