Book Club: April Read

It’s obviously a very uncertain time at the moment, and all you really want to do is lose yourself in a good book. And what better genre to do that than romance? So this month, we picked what will hopefully be an excellent choice for escapism.

Check it out below.

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Book Club: The Stars and the Blackness Between Them

Last month, we read The Stars and the Blackness Between Them. I say “we” but Anna didn’t actually manage to read it (something called a “book slump”, she says). So what you get is just my review.

So yeah. Enjoy.

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Book Club: The Princess Trap

After both of us spectacularly failing to read December’s book, we were both back on the horse last month with The Princess Trap, chosen, we have to admit, mostly because we’d both enjoyed Talia Hibbert’s books in the past, and were hoping for another great read with this one.

So, how did we feel about it? Read on!

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Book Club: February Read

February brings us both Black History Month (and associated readathons) and #FFFeb. So, obviously, it made most sense for us to pick an f/f book with Black MCs, by a Black author.

And also we heard this one would make us cry, and who doesn’t want a good cry over a book.

So, without further ado, the book.

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Book Releases: January (II)

Not that I completely forgot I had to do this post, but I maybe completely forgot I had to do this post. But no matter! I’m just in time.

The first part of January brought us an influx of amazing releases (check them out here), and the second part continues with that. I know I said that there were 45 books out this month, but I have since found several more and that number is closer to 70 now (and, of course, we missed the release date of a few, so get ready for a massive post at the end of the year again).

But anyway, take a peek at what’s in store!

And as ever, all our previous posts are here.

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Book Recs: Best of 2019

Last year we only allowed ourselves to choose 3 best books each. That was torture and so this year we expanded that number to 5. We were also very careful to choose only books that were published in 2019 and read by us in 2019 (barring one 2020 release from me, Charlotte, because I never listen to what Anna says and also I need everyone to mark it to read ASAP).

I wonder if any of our choices are predictable to you, guys…

In any case, here are ten best LGBT books we have read this year! (And our dear wish that we could have pick more books.)

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Book Club: January Read

It’s approaching the end of December which means it’s time to announce our book club read for January! As ever, we got you to vote on twitter and you picked the genre of… (drum roll please) ROMANCE!

Read on to find out which book we selected! And look out for our reviews* of December’s read sometime next month.

*Disclaimer: we may not actually have read it by that point… oops.

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Book Releases: January (I)

It’s a new year, and a new list of releases to crack on with. We have, so far, amassed over 350 upcoming books for 2020. And of those, 45 are out in January (that we currently know of, because undoubtedly we’ll find we missed some out eventually).

So, as an early Christmas present, here are the first two weeks of January releases!

As ever, all our previous posts are here.

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Most Anticipated 2020 Releases: January to June

It’s that time of year again when we can look at everything that is coming our way and chose what we’re most excited about. We do these things because we like to suffer… Honestly, our list of 2020 LGBT books is almost 300 titles long and we decided making a list of twelve is a good idea?

But hey, who doesn’t like lists, right? So dive in to see which books of the upcoming six months we simply cannot wait to read!

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Book Recs: Christmas (and Other Winter Holidays)

Because we promised (vaguely, maybe a while back on twitter), me and Anna have some wintery rec lists for you! We’ve trawled through all the Christmas (and other winter holiday) media, just to find something gay all for you (ask Anna about her travails with Christmas films I dare you).

And here is the first of those rec lists! Ten books (mostly novellas in this one) for you set during Christmas (or another winter holiday, but mostly Christmas because it’s surprisingly difficult to find holiday novellas that are a) gay and b) not Christmas-specific. Obviously I wasn’t trying hard enough).

But anyway. Onwards.

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