In our monthly releases posts, we try our best to include every book we know about but, unsurprisingly, there are some that slip through the cracks, mostly those which are self-published. Since we want to promote all LGBT releases, we’re hoping that this will rectify that.

If you have a book releasing at any point in the year, please feel free to submit the following information to us:

  • a link to the listing on Goodreads or an online retailer;
  • LGBT rep (as specific as you can provide);
  • publication date (can be just the month if you do not yet know it)

As long as we receive the information before the final three days of the month before its release, we can guarantee that your book will appear on the next month’s releases post (e.g. if you wish to highlight a book releasing in February, please send information before 28th January). Else, we will make sure it features on our end of the year post of any books we initially missed.

You can use the form below to submit, or send us an email directly at