During Pride in 2019 we wanted to celebrate the LGBT community in some new (to the blog) ways and after some consideration, we decided the thing to do is to talk with the writers in said community. We were incredibly lucky to interview a number of LGBT authors & from that point on, the interviews became a regular feature on the blog.

The list of the amazing people we’ve chatted with is ever growing and includes: K.A. Doore, Abdi Nazemian, Sophie Cameron, K. Ancrum, Julian Winters, Adiba Jaigirdar, Christopher Barzak, Nina Varela, Gabriela Martins, Phil Stamper, Ashley Shuttleworth, Alicia Jasinska, Kelley York, Adrienne Tooley, Anna Veriani, Courtney Gould, Maria Ingrande Mora, Anna Burke, Suna Dasi, Kat Dunn, K.B. Wagers, Kathleen Jowitt, Valentine Wheeler, Brooke Carter, L.D. Lapinski, Meryl Wilsner, Renée Dahlia, Bill Elenbark, Sondi Warner, Linden A. Lewis, E.M. Hamill, Sidney Hargrave, Corinne Duyvis, O. E. Tearmann, Z Jeffries, Kalynn Bayron, Kate Hazel Hall & Chloe Spencer.

Right now, we’re trying to expand the group of artists we talk with so that it includes musicians, as well! So far we’ve chatted with Daniel Molyneaux & Hayden McHugh.

We’re also constantly looking for more LGBT artists to interview! If you are interested, please go ahead and contact us via the form below. We can either simply email you a list of questions to answer at your leisure, or chat through twitter dm’s if you have more free time!