Guest Features

During Pride in 2019 we wanted to celebrate the LGBT community in some new (to the blog) ways and were incredibly lucky to interview a number of LGBT authors. From then on, the interviews became a regular feature on the blog.

The list of the amazing people we’ve chatted with is ever growing, and right now, we’re trying to expand the group of artists we talk with so that it includes musicians, as well!

As of 2021, we want to expand what we can offer. We have slots available for guest posts and cover reveals each month, open to any LGBT author whether trad-pubbed or not, so if that you’re looking to promote your book, let us help you out!

If you are interested in any of an interview, guest post or cover reveal, please go ahead and contact us via the form below. We look forward to hearing from you! And meanwhile, you can find all the guest features we published so far here: