Book Club: Finna

When we selected March’s read, we thought we’d cracked it. A book we’d both like, because we both had read and liked the author before. It was a shoo-in.

It was not a shoo-in.

So if you want to know exactly where things went wrong, read our reviews below.

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Book Club: April Read

It’s obviously a very uncertain time at the moment, and all you really want to do is lose yourself in a good book. And what better genre to do that than romance? So this month, we picked what will hopefully be an excellent choice for escapism.

Check it out below.

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Book Club: March Read

For March’s read, you voted we pick sci-fi. So the chances of Anna not reading a third book club book in a row have immediately skyrocketed.

We ended up picking a very recent release from an author we have both liked the short stories of for March’s read. Hopefully, that means we’ll both read the book for the first time in about 3 months.

So take a look to see what we selected.

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Book Club: January Read

It’s approaching the end of December which means it’s time to announce our book club read for January! As ever, we got you to vote on twitter and you picked the genre of… (drum roll please) ROMANCE!

Read on to find out which book we selected! And look out for our reviews* of December’s read sometime next month.

*Disclaimer: we may not actually have read it by that point… oops.

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Book Club: The Shape of My Name, Sky and Dew, Witch, Cat & Cobb

A confession to make before we start: neither of us actually got to reading Witch, Cat & Cobb, so there won’t be a review for that one here (Anna didn’t even manage Sky and Dew, but there you go).

And if you haven’t read the novellas with us in November, hopefully our reviews will inspire you to start them now!

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Book Club: The Disasters

Took us a hot second to write down the reviews, but come on guys, it just be like that sometimes… The important thing is that we’re here and we’re ready to talk about the book! Hopefully you have read it with us and we can actually have some fun chatting!

And don’t forget: for November we chose three novellas! They’re so short, you have no excuse not to read at least one of them!

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