Author Interview: Corinne Duyvis

We have a very exciting interview for you today! Corinne Duyvis very kindly answered our (increasingly odd) questions. Because guess what else is great about this interview? We rejigged what we asked! So here you have it, your first glimpse at not only Serious Writer Questions, but also who exactly would the author want on their side in a zombie apocalypse?

And don’t forget, you can also follow her on twitter. And there’s still plenty of time to preorder her upcoming release, The Art of Saving the World (out on 15th September!).

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Author Interview: Sidney Hargrave

The end of August brings us an interview with Sidney. They chatted with us about how basically everything in the world inspires them, how they use music while creating, and how ambitious with their writing they were as a six-year-old.

Don’t forget, you can also follow them on twitter.

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Author Interview: Meryl Wilsner

Today’s interview is a very exciting one! Meryl Wilsner’s debut novel releases in just a few days (still time to preorder!) and promises an excellent slowburn sapphic romance featuring fake dating and everything that entails.

We spoke with them about their inspirations, how they work, and more! And you can listen to the character playlists they prepared for their book.

You can also follow them on twitter.

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