Film & TV Recs: Gay Christmas Movies

This winter both Charlotte and I wanted to rec you some holiday stories. Charlotte went for novellas and you can find her post here. I decided to rec you Christmas movies. Only… I knew there aren’t many, but I didn’t realise there are actually three and two of them are unwatchable…

If you’re looking for a list of those netflix-like movies of switched princesses and time-travelling knights and princes falling for regular people, but Make It Gay… If you’re hoping for that, this list isn’t for you, because movies like that still don’t exist for us.

But if you’re looking for some pretty cool movies with a christmasy theme in one way or another, you may just find something for yourself here. At the very least, you’ll find canon rep.

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Film & TV Recs: LGBT Period Dramas

The other day I reread one of my favourite classic novels (Evelina by Frances Burney, which I recommend wholeheartedly, even though it’s sadly not gay) (well, if you ask me there’s a butch lesbian there but) & ever since then, I was very much in the mood for period dramas.

Naturally, I started by rewatching some favourites, as well: Pride & Prejudice (2005) and Persuasion (2007). But then I realised what I’m actually craving are gay period dramas.

So that’s why I’m here today with 10 LGBT stories taking place in the past.

Sadly, only two titles with trans characters made it to my list. And that’s because while there is a number of arguably good period dramas with trans characters, I’m not about to rec you movies in which those roles are played by cis actors (like The Danish Girl or Albert Nobbs or Breakfast on Pluto).

Also, I feel like it’s important I make something clear: I did not rec any stories with Bury Your Gays trope.

(Edit: more LGBT period dramas can be found on part two of this rec list!)

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Film and TV Recs: Pride Month Special

Like we said at the start of the month, we’re making our Pride Month rec lists a little special. We’re adding quizzes to them! If you click the link below, the quiz will help you find a film or TV show that suits your needs. Alternatively, you can scroll through all our recs here.

Take the quiz!

Of course, you can be sure that these are all films and shows with happy endings for their LGBT characters (though, if we’re talking ones that haven’t finished yet, we obviously can’t confirm that). But trust us, even when it looks bad in some of them. Trust us. Also, because we haven’t watched all of them, we can’t be sure what content warnings there for them. If there is a * against one, that means we have watched it and there are some CWs, so just comment if you want to know more.

Finally, the key:

lesbians & wlw relationships: ☀️
gays & mlm relationships: 🌿
bi or pan characters: 💎
trans, genderqueer, non-binary, gnc characters: 🌷

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Film Recs: Short Gay Features

Sometimes you just don’t have a lot of time, but you still want to Feel something, to make your gay heart beat faster. That’s when short movies come into play! Packing an emotional punch into a fifteen minutes long story? That’s art. And everyone can spare a quarter of an hour to watch a tiny little thing like that, right?

I’m starting the list with a title you all hopefully already know, but it’s always good to bring back our faves! And then it’s just a little bit of everything, to be honest.

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