Film & TV Recs: New Adult LGBT Stories

Sounds weird to use terms associated more with literature, but really, when I say “new adult characters” what I mean is characters in their early or mid 20s. Young people trying to figure adult life out.

I ended up with 11 titles, and because I cheated and am claiming the last one only half fits the theme & that’s why it can stay. I was also tempted to put And Then We Danced and God’s Own Country on here, but eventually figured you all must know about them already.

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Film & TV Recs: LGBT Documentaries

I don’t know if you guys are aware, but the LGBT History Month is celebrated at different times in different countries. And in the UK it’s in February. Which I figured is a perfect reason for me to recommend you some documentaries. It’s actually always a good time to learn something about our history.

Like Larry Kramer said, “we are entitled to our history. We are entitled to know who these people were. I don’t think you can be a people until you have a history”.

There will most definitely be a part two to this rec list, since it’s in no way comprehensive, but still: below you will find ten titles I have seen (or found) recently. Enjoy, and happy learning! (And of course, sadly, a general tw of homophobia, transphobia, violence for almost all of those titles.)

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Film, TV & Other Media Recs: Best of 2020

Since we added a section about movies, shows and other media to our monthly wrap-ups, we of course also had to let you guys know which of the titles we loved most.

And if you paid attention to said wrap-ups, you probably noticed that Charlotte doesn’t watch as much stuff as I do (Charlotte is definitely the Reader part of this blogging duo). That’s the reason why my section is longer than Charlotte’s. And why The Half of It, And Then We Danced, and Schitt’s Creek are not among my choices – I loved them too, a lot, but it was either let Charlotte pick them or agree to this post being just five titles for each of us.

Anyway, below are 25 great stories we have watched (or listened to) in 2020. Enjoy!

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Film & TV Recs: LGBT Romcoms

Okay, before we start: yes, there’s only one movie with trans rep and it’s a short feature at that. I know. (I made the list 11 titles long instead of the usual 10 to counterbalance that.) I was going to include Boy Meets Girl (which features a trans actress in the main role, in case you didn’t know), but frankly I have very mixed feelings about that movie. It feels a lot like a film for cis audience and not at all for trans people, and I really, really don’t understand why they didn’t go the sapphic route all the way.

I will tell you about an upcoming romcom with a trans main character played by a trans actress, though! Right now it’s called Re-Live: A Tale of an American Island Cheerleader and it stars Rain Valdez in the main role. Look out for that in 2021!

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Film & TV Recs: Gay Comedies

I don’t know about you guys, but most of the gay movies I end up watching are dramas and if there’s anything funny about them, it’s like one scene. So it got me thinking: where are the comedies? And I’m talking actually hilarious stuff. Not romcoms (that is going to be another rec list in the near future!), not slice-of-life with a few joke thrown in. Comedies.

I put one TV show on this list, just for some variety. In all fairness, I was initially going to include Schitt’s Creek, but I figured everyone knows about that absolute gem so there’s really no point.

And yes, I’m painfully aware there’s no trans rep on this list, hence the title, but finding good comedies with trans characters played by trans actors proved beyond my powers. If you know any, please let me know, so I can make a list just for them!

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Film & TV Recs: Gay movies with two QPOC leads

I’m sure y’all noticed that weird trend in Hollywood where if one half of a gay couple is POC, the other, without fail, is white. Yeah, we can have some diversity, but just not too much.

So that’s why this rec list came to be. Here you will find ten gay and lesbian movies where both the main character and the love interest are QPOC. Turns out, it’s not impossible to achieve!

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Film & TV Recs: Sapphic coming of age movies

Let me start by saying that my definition of “coming of age movies” is pretty loose & basically any movie featuring teens who learn something about themselves & grow up, is welcomed here.

Now that we cleared that up, let’s go. There are some comedies here, some dramas, some movies somewhere in between. Hopefully a little something for everybody.

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Film & TV Recs: LGBT Anime

I wasn’t sure what kind of movies or shows should I compile a rec list of for you guys, so I asked on twitter & that is why today, I’m here with 10 LGBT anime. There will be both shows and movies here, so hopefully everyone can find something for themselves.

But before we start, for the love of god… It’s ah-ni-meh, not ah-ni-may. You’re pronouncing a Japanese word. Speaking of, that’s also why I’m not marking Japanese mcs in rep, since it’s true for all the titles here.

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If You Liked [Insert Straight Media Here], Try…

Forgive me if I keep this brief, this post took longer than I expected, and I really need to sleep. But here it is! The final part of our “like this, try that” series, this one dedicated to solely straight media.

Apologies for the sort of… eclectic mix of media. When we thought about this, we realised we didn’t actually know a whole lot of straight media ourselves, so asked twitter (and pooled some ideas). So yeah.

Happy Pride and enjoy!


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