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a blog dedicated to LGBT media, where we aim to give you reviews, recs and information about new releases!

A little bit about the blog: we hope to provide you with reviews of already released books, as well as offering rec lists, and keeping you apprised of new LGBT releases. We want to primarily consider ownvoices media, but we will also be reviewing non-ownvoices media, and reccing those we think are good. We will also try to indicate where the media is diverse in other ways, and whether that is ownvoices representation or not.



(twitter @ heresthepencil)

Hi, I’m Anna! I’m a 28 year old lesbian from Poland, working at a city hall. Nowadays I usually read YA literature (there’s just something about seeing teens trying to figure themselves out) and more specifically contemporary books, with some sff thrown in every once in a while. I’m also very big on poetry. The list of my favourite authors is quite long but to name a few: Natasha Pulley, Kayla Ancrum, Melina Marchetta, and for poets: Ocean Vuong, Richard Siken, Ada Limón, Sappho, Kaveh Akbar, Tommy Pico. (I also blog @ readingpeaches.)



(twitter @ mahitdzmare)

Hi, I’m Charlotte! I’m 24 and I just finished studying for my Masters degree in Sport Psychology. My reading oscillates between finishing something in a day, maybe two, and not finishing it for months on end. (There really is no in-between.) My favourite genres are historical mystery and fantasy (and probably also sports fiction, now I think about it). Some of my favourite authors are Patrick Ness, Melina Marchetta, and Megan Whalen Turner. I also blog over at tealeafreads.



Genres we accept

Sci fi, fantasy, mystery, contemporary & historical (Charlotte)
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We encourage indie publishers.

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