Music Recs: Fav songs of December 2020

The last post about music from 2020! And I didn’t even include any Christmas music on the post itself (it’s there on the mix, don’t worry!), but if you’re feeling nostalgic, check out the Make the Yuletide Gay mix.

Music truly was one of the only things that made that hellish year bearable, so let’s go! Enjoy!

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Buona sera by Alfie Arcuri & Gran Error (gay artist)
Safeword by Siena Liggins (Black lesbian artist)
mighty die young by Joy Oladokun (Black queer artist)

happy by Aish Divine (Indian gay artist)
Soft Spot by Claud (nonbinary queer artist)
6Ft Winter by LEADR & Wundr. (Vietnamese-American queer artist)
Truth by Brandon Colbein (gay artist)

DO U by MRSHLL & Queen WA$ABII (Korean gay artist)
Did You Notice? by Kennen (Asian queer artist)
Sensational by Brendan Maclean (gay artist)


Did you find any new artists here today?

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