Music Recs: Make The Yuletide Gay

Happy holigays! Last year around this time I made a rec list of Christmas movies, so I figured this year it’s time for music. Especially since so many great songs came out recently!

The whole mix that I’m putting at the end of this post is almost 50 songs long. Which means I didn’t put them all on the post itself, but instead focused on my absolute favourites of 2020 alone.

I didn’t want to simply put the soundtrack of Happiest Season on my mix and call it a day (yes, it’s all by LGBT artists!), so I looked far and wide for more songs for you guys! My other goal was to make this mix as full of original songs as possible, and I mostly succeeded there.

In any case, believe me, you do want to check out the mix too, for even more holiday gay cheer!


Blame It on Christmas by Shea Diamond & Bebe Rexha (Black trans artist)
All I Want by Asiahn (Black lesbian artist)
Now I’ve Got You by Matilda (lesbian artist)
All Is Bright by Justin Utley (gay artist)

I’ll Be Home for Christmas by Nuno Freitas & River Westin (gay artists)
The Lighthouse Keeper by Sam Smith (nonbinary queer artist)
Pray That I’ll Be Home by Andrew (gay artist)
Jolly Old Saint Nicholas by Caveboy (female queer band)

Christmas Cookies by Mary Lambert & Wyatt Hermansen (lesbian artist)
Back Home by MKSM (gay artist)
I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day by Katey Brooks (lesbian artist)

Moment by Victoria Monét, Tim Suby & Kyla Moscovich (Black bisexual artist)
Make You Mine This Season by Tegan and Sara (lesbian duo)
HOLIDAY by Lil Nas X (Black gay artist)
Toys by Sevenths & Rmazing (gay artist)


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