Music Recs: Fav songs of November 2020

There’s only a month of new music left in this year? How?

But on the plus side, November was truly a gift, music-wise. There are so many gems on the mix! I had to reshuffle things so many time to decide on the ten songs for the post!

And if that’s still somehow not enough for you, check out all my previous monthly posts right here!


Loveline by Zolita (lesbian artist)
Paid by Saint Wade (Puerto Rican gay artist)
mate & morra by Linn da Quebrada & BADSISTA (Black Brazilian trans artist)

Won’t Say – demo by SXMSON (Iranian Jewish queer artist)
Catastrópicos! by Jaloo & Bemti (queer Brazilian artist)
angel rock by Dua Saleh (Sudanese-American queer nonbinary artist)
Reach by Manú (gay artist)

Sea Salt by Bronze Avery & Miss Benny (Black gay artist & gay queer artist)
Leave It by Andrea di Giovanni (genderqueer artist)
When I Come to You by Tafari Anthony (Black queer artist)


Did you find any new artists here today?

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