Book of the Month: The Liar’s Guide to the Night Sky

It’s been a little while since we featured a sapphic book on our book of the month feature, but this month’s is just that! I (Charlotte) have read this book and adored it, so I can’t recommend highly enough that you preorder it. (You can also read some of the other works by this author in the meantime, which are also not straight so…)

But anyway, read on to find out more about this book!

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The Liar’s Guide to the Night Sky

Brianna R. Shrum


Rep: Jewish bi mc, Afro Latino pan aro li, Jewish lesbian side characters
Release date: 3rd November 2020

It’s no one’s fault that Hallie Jacob is alone. That her grandpa got sick half a world away and so her parents yanked her to Colorado the last semester of her senior year. That career-wise, she’s specialized in fighting fire, and now she’s surrounded by ice, snow, and a thousand cousins she’s half-banned from hanging around with. But that’s what’s happened. That’s what her December looks like.

On one big family weekend in the freaking tundra, Hallie sneaks off with those cousins to an abandoned ski slope. But they get caught in a random mudslide, and what started as a Secret Bonfire Party goes in a Potential Donner Party direction real fast. With some cousins in desperate need of medical attention, Hallie leaves their camp for help—and is surprised when Jonah Ramirez (her cousin’s extremely off-limits—absurdly hot—best friend) joins her.

Facing paralyzing temperatures, sharp-toothed animals strong enough to survive a climate with hardly any water or air, and weather phenomena so wicked they’ll wreck a mountain before you can blink, Jonah and Hallie have no choice but to trust each other as they search for the way to town to send help back to their stranded friends and family. And THAT may be more impossible, even, than making it out alive.


You might like this if…

…you want to read some survivalist fiction.

…you want a book with zero straight characters.

…you want more books with bi mcs in m/f relationships.


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3 Replies to “Book of the Month: The Liar’s Guide to the Night Sky”

  1. Haven’t heard of this before. While it sounds interesting, I don’t think I’ve ever read a survivalist book and I’m not sure it’s for me. But maybe I should give it an opportunity before writing it off, no? I’ll keep an eye open for it when it comes out ❤️

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