Misc Media Recs: Podcasts, Webseries & Webcomics (I)

At the beginning of the month, I got really into podcasts, because they gave me something to listen to while I was playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Or rather, one podcast. Because this list was initially supposed to be only podcasts, with a few webseries thrown in.

Instead… Well, you can see what it is instead.

But anyway. Sometimes you just need an easily and rapidly consumable shot of LGBT media, hence why on this post you can find recs for podcasts, webseries and webcomics. And this will be an ongoing series too.

If you enjoyed any of these recs, please do support the creators however you can (Patreon, Tapas, etc — there should be links on websites, hopefully, or at least links to the creators’ pages).

So, pick your content and let’s go!




King Falls AM


Created by: Kyle Brown & Eric Kimelton
Available on: Spotify, iTunes, Audioboom
Rep: gay mc with depression, Jewish mc, wlw side character, gay side character, bi side character
CWs: implied attempted suicide (ep 75), outing (ep 68), abusive relationship & gaslighting (eps 49-63)

Why Should I Listen To It?

Full disclosure: this list is the way it is because I got sort of way too involved in King Falls AM to listen fully to any other podcasts. It goes like so: you get drawn in at the start because it’s hilarious and then before you know it you’re in so deep it’s midnight and you’re sobbing over an episode (don’t ask me how I know). But it is so so worth that pain. And make sure you go into it without any spoilers. Trust me.

Superstition Podcast


Created by: Sarah Kolb
Available on: iTunes, Tunein
Rep: Jewish bi mc, wlw li, mlm characters

Why Should I Listen To It?

It might be sort of obvious by these recs the kind of podcast that I enjoy. That is, small town, weird vibes. The only two podcasts I’ve started this month that I’ve genuinely felt desperate to continue are that, so you better hope that’s your thing too. Anyway, this one features a bi P.I. and it’s written as her case files. Basically, guaranteed that I’ll love it.

History is Gay


Created by: Gretchen & Leigh
Available on: Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, Radiopublic
CWs: discussions of homophobia and transphobia

Why Should I Listen To It?

We’re pivoting here, for the last of the podcasts, and instead of yet another small town with paranormal activity podcast, I’m going to rec a nonfiction one. History is Gay is, as the name suggests, a history podcast about gay folk. Namely, the gay folk you don’t hear about so often. And it’s great, because the discussion format makes that history so accessible.





Created byNatasza Parzymies
Available on: Youtube
Rep: lesbian mc, sapphic mc
CWs: cheating

Why Should I Watch It?

Aren’t we all just pining for a webseries you can watch in under an hour, featuring a second chance sapphic romance? Of course we are! Not to mention we’re getting a second series very soon. Also I want the dog.

Brown Girls


Created by: Fatimah Asghar & Sam Bailey
Available on: website
Rep: lesbian mc

Why Should I Watch It?

I will admit I don’t remember a whole lot of this series, except the ending which left me desperately in need of a second series. And also just how wonderfully chaotic it felt at times.

Romil & Jugal


Created by:
Available on: Alt Balaji (subscription)
Rep: Indian gay mcs

Why Should I Watch It?

If only for the obviously-adult-actors playing high-schoolers, you should watch this series. And also, who doesn’t need a retelling of Romeo and Juliet, but with such mcs as this. No one, that’s who.





Created by: Shazleen Khan
Available on: Tapas
Rep: Turkish mlm mc, Kazakh-Mongolian wlw mc

Why Should I Read It?

A sort of urban fantasy with a slow-revealing mystery is all I ever really want from a comic. Add onto that literally no one being straight and we have ourselves the perfect combination. Oh, and the art is just gorgeous too.



Created by: Hannah Templer
Available on: Tapas
Rep: wlw mcs, trans side character

Why Should I Read It?

Space gladiators? Smashing the patriarchy? All good things, all great things. And something you can read online, all for free!



Created by: Lou & Cait
Available on: Tapas
Rep: Black bi mc, Black gay mc, Afrolatinx characters

Why Should I Read It?

Sometimes you just want to read a soft and fluffy webcomic, right? Well, lucky you, Basorexia is just for you!


What other recs would you suggest?


19 Replies to “Misc Media Recs: Podcasts, Webseries & Webcomics (I)”

  1. Okay so this post is one of the best things I’ve seen today! I started to get into podcasts after universities closed, and oh my god, I love them so much! I flew through The Magnus Archives and The Bright Sessions super-fast (TMA is superior, though!!), and I’m now listening to The Penumbra Podcast. I love how so many podcasts, including pretty popular ones, have LGBT rep, and that includes these three. I saw your tweets about King Falls AM, so I added it to my podcast list, I’m hoping to get to it soon, it sounds incredible! I’m adding Superstition Podcast to that list, as well. 🙂 I’ve never watched a webseries or read a webcomic, but I really want to, so thanks for the recs! Again, wonderful post! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve added all of the podcasts you recommended and I’ve started listening to ‘History is Gay’, and it’s so fun and informational! I never would have known any of this otherwise. Thank you so much!

    Liked by 1 person

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