Music Recs: Fav songs of February 2020

February’s mix is probably one of my favourite ones I made so far. So many of absolute bops! We were being blessed just before the whole world went to shit…

Anyway, as always, the post features ten of the songs I’m obsessed with and the rest of them you can find on the playlist, at the end. Have fun listening!

And perhaps you need more? Check out all my previous posts right here!


BL by QUEEN BEE (Japanese band; nonbinary Black Japanese lead singer)
Drama by Vardaan Arora & nicopop. (Indian gay artist)
U Remind Me by Zolita (lesbian artist)

Close 2 U by Raveena (Indian-American queer artist)
One in a Million by Desiire (Black Canadian queer artist)
Save Myself by VINCINT (Black gay artist)
Boy, You Can Keep It by Alex Newell (Black gnc gay artist)

What You’re Looking For by Peppermint (Black trans artist)
Moment by Victoria MonΓ©t (Black bisexual artist)
Reminds Me by Kim Petras (trans artist)


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