Music Recs: Fav songs of November 2019

What better time to discover new LGBT music than when you’re stuck at home, right?

I won’t lie, guys, some of my fav songs of the year are on this list! Prepare to be amazed, please. And just like, have some fun during those weird times!

If the songs featured here are not enough for y’all, remember you can just check out all my previous posts right here!


Used To Like by Neon Trees (gay lead singer)
International Woman of Leisure by La Roux (gay artist)
Heat by Parson James & Captain Cuts (half-Black gay artist)

Posters by Elah Hale (Black queer artist)
Smile by SXMSON (Iranian Jewish queer artist)
Messy by Bronze Avery (Black gay artist)
L.O.V.E. Me by Hayley Kiyoko (half-Japanese American lesbian artist)

Smile by Hayden McHugh (gay artist)
Side Effects by Carlie Hanson (queer artist)
Look At Me by The Nico Show & Tokeyo (queer & Black gay artists)


Small edit because I only learned about this song after finishing the post but please check out Feedback Loop by NEO 10Y, a British Indian nonbinary pansexual artist!


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