Music Recs: Fav songs of September 2019

Every month of 2019 was great to us, music wise, but September was especially good. Some of my favourite LGBT songs of the year are in this post!!

Per tradition, there are 10 songs in the post itself and a lot more in the Spotify mix. You can find it at the bottom of the post!

And if you have never been here before, you can catch up on my previous posts here!


Alavancô by Karol Conká, Linn da Quebrada & Gloria Groove (Black Brazilian bisexual artist, Black Brazillian trans artist & Brazilian gay drag queen artist)
love to love u by Wrabel (gay artist)
secret island by LIE NING (half-Black German queer artist)

Someday by VINCINT (Black gay artist)
Flex On It by MRSHLL & Nieah (Korean gay artist)
Céu Azul by Jaloo & Mc Tha (Brazilian queer artist)
Pink Light by MUNA (queer band)

Nebraska by Avalon Young (sapphic artist)
The Night by Chester Lockhart (half-Korean queer artist)
Tu ne sauras jamais by Safia Nolin (French-Canadian lesbian artist)


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