Music Recs: Fav songs of August 2019

I’m almost caught up, guys! We’re in the second half of the year with this series already! Soon I will actually be doing it on time…

Anyway, here are my 10 most favourite songs by LGBT artists dropped in August 2019 + a lot more on the Spotify mix which you can find at the end of the post.

And if you have never been here before, you can catch up on my previous posts here!


Rainbow Dragon by Keiynan Lonsdale (Black Australian queer artist)
magic by Wrabel (gay artist)
So Good by Delia Dane & Twelve’len (Black queer artist)

Dangerous by Ehrie (Black queer artists (twins))
Bad As the Boys by Tove Lo & ALMA (Swedish bisexual artist & Finnish gay artist)
RAIN by Ben Platt (gay artist)
Memory by SXMSON (Iranian Jewish queer artist)

time can wait by Leo Kalyan (Indian Pakistani gay artist)
This Is How I Feel When I’m Down by Kalen Blanco (Black bisexual artist)
My Girl by Siena Liggins (Black lesbian artist)


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