Book Recs: Sapphic YA Contemporary (I)

I’m back with another f/f rec list today! This time, I’m reccing YA contemporary novels. Contemporary, because that’s what you voted for. YA because I decided (or rather, Anna told me) to split the rec lists by age (adult/NA/YA). And because I always* do what Anna says, that’s what’s happening.

(*this is not true.)

Because there is (comparably) a lot of f/f YA contemporary, I’m starting off part one of this lot of rec lists focusing on that which is less well-known (and maybe one or two five upcoming releases I’m incredibly excited for, just to whet your appetite). I’m also including ones which, while they do not have an f/f relationship, do have a sapphic mc.

As ever, all the previous posts are here.


All the Invisible Things by Orlagh Collins
Amelia Westlake by Erin Gough
Taking Flight by Siera Maley
Orpheus Girl by Brynne Rebele-Henry (CW for conversion therapy, homophobia)
Future Leaders of Nowhere by Emily O’Beirne

Dress Codes for Small Towns by Courtney C. Stevens
The Summer We Got Free by Mia McKenzie
Not Otherwise Specified by Hannah Moskowitz
Juliet Takes a Breath by Gabby Rivera
The Weight of the Stars by K. Ancrum

This is What It Feels Like by Rebecca Barrow
Nothing Happened by Molly Booth
The Stars and the Blackness Between Them by Junauda Petrus
Small Town Hearts by Lillie Vale
Tell Me How You Really Feel by Aminah Mae Safi

The Henna Wars by Adiba Jaigirdar
Ace of Spades by Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé
The Falling-in-Love Montage by Ciara Smyth
You Should See Me in a Crown by Leah Johnson
I Kissed Alice by Anna Birch


Any of your favourites on this list? What do you think is missing?

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12 Replies to “Book Recs: Sapphic YA Contemporary (I)”

  1. Thanks so much for compiling this list – I’m always looking for more F/F recs and I was super excited to see this. 🙂 A good few were already on my TBR – I actually just bought Orpheus Girl yesterday and omg is it SHORT. It looks incredible though, I’m hoping to get to it this month! The Weight of the Stars is one of my favorite books of all time so I’m glad you included it on this list. I added The Stars and the Blackness between them to my TBR; I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of it before! Again, great list – thanks for making it!

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