Music Recs: Pride Month Special

We don’t talk about music a lot on our blog, but I guess when we do, it’s with a bang! Which is to say, I’m here today with a list of 60 LGBT artists. And yes, I say artists, not just songs – each and every one of them is an out member of our community. (Well, there are a few bands and some of them only have a lead singer who matches that description, but you know!)

I had to make some decisions regarding the way of presenting all this beauty to you. First of all, I divided those sixty artists into three groups of wlw, mlm & those who are not cis. (I was gonna go with “trans/nonbinary”, but there are also genderfluid, gender nonconforming artists, even a Two-Spirit one, so I figured I need a pretty broad umbrella term here). Obviously, there are some intersections within those groups, but I wanted even numbers… And lastly, I linked them all to my favourite album/single of theirs on Spotify, so I could put covers & make it all look pretty.

So! Take a quiz and figure out who should you listen to!* Or just scroll through them all.

Take the quiz!

*Charlotte made me specify that when I say “dancing alone in your room” in the quiz, what I mean is dancing slowly with your eyes closed, the sound of rain coming through the window & maybe by the end of it you won’t be as tired anymore.


WLW artists

Boys Aside / Sofya Wang
When It’s Right / Alyson Stoner
Ego Death / The Internet
Dirty Computer / Janelle Monáe
Immaculate Conception / Zolita

Die Another Day / Beatrice Eli
Nothing’s Real / Shura
BLUE LIPS (lady wood phase II) / Tove Lo
Thrills / Sizzy Rocket
The Brooklyn EP / Catey Shaw

Bold / Mary Lambert
Sweet Talk / Avalon Young

Pink Cadillac / Alice Gray
Far and Wide / Rachel Cantu
About U / MUNA

Intertwined / Dodie
Something / CYN
Make Me Bad / King Princess
Horizon / Luna Blake
Lost On You / LP


MLM artists

Super 8-Bit Heart / Simon Curtis
Future Friends / Superfruit
Behind the Curtain / Osvaldo Supino
Preach / Keiynan Lonsdale
Show Me / SAKIMA

Ibn El Leil / Mashrou’ Leila
#1 / Jaloo
Language / MNEK
Blue Heart / Doug Locke
Holy Water / morgxn

funbang1 / Brendan Maclean
I’m Not Afraid / HOLLAND
If They Only Knew / Alfie Arcuri
Falling For You / Lyon Hart
January / Vardaan Arora

Nude / The Irrepressibles
Excommunication / Tyler Glenn
Learning / Perfume Genius
Pseudo Visions / Asbjørn
What Doesn’t Break / Tom Goss


not cis artists

Seen It All / Shea Diamond
Sateen / Sateen
LillyAnna / teddy<3
Star / Ah-Mer-Ah-Su

Strong and Tender / Eli Conley
Senzala / MC Xuxú
Tell Me a Story / Skylar Kergil
Escape From Evil / Lower Dens
Low Grade Buzz / Huntly

Ur the Only One / Shawnee
Black Tie Elevator / The Cliks
Every Time You Go Somewhere / Mal Blum

Silver Haze / Aye Nako
Stranger / Tunde Olaniran

Going By / Told Slant
Organism / Ariel Zetina
High Pitched and Moist / Tami T
The Whale That Ate Jonah / Schmekel
Diamond / Jake Zyrus


I did try my best to list mostly less known artists. Of course, I can’t know what you know, so I’m sure not all of them are new to y’all. But that’s why you didn’t see for example Hayley Kiyoko or Troye Sivan on here… Though I did end up including some Big Names, because how could I not, really?

Anyway, hopefully you found someone you will love here! Have fun listening!


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