It’s Pride month and we have some amazing posts for you! We had a lot of fun from the very moment we started brainstorming the content for this month so we’re really, really excited to share it with you all! I mean! We run an LGBT focused blog! Pride month is what we live for! (Especially me, because these days the community is not in the best place in my country, so it’s cool to at least have the internet to truly celebrate.)

We have A LOT in store. Starting with rec lists, of course, a staple of Reads Rainbow & what you seem to enjoy the most. But we prepared so many more cool features apart from that, all of them totally new! Hopefully, the response will be enthusiastic and we get to continue at least some of them when the month comes to an end.

But firstly, before any of this, we just want to say thank you to everyone who has supported this blog! It sounds corny but we couldn’t do this without you. Word of mouth is so important when it comes to LGBT books, and every time someone tells us we’ve introduced them to a book they hadn’t known about or hadn’t even realised was gay, we get a huge boost, so thank you, thank you, thank you.


Buddy Reads

We have four buddy reads planned this month, one for each week, and we’re attempting to roughly cover each of L, G, B, and T in those reads. We already posted about them a week or two back, so won’t go into too much detail now. The post is here, and just comment if you’re planning on joining in any! At the end of each week, we’ll have a summary post with short reviews from the both of us and a chance for a discussion. You’re welcome to also post your own reviews and tag us in them so we can see!


Discussion Posts

A couple of our posts will be general discussion posts (another new thing for this blog!). One is slightly more personal and that’s going to be about the value that reading ownvoices LGBT lit has to us. The second is more general and will be a surprise (if only because I can’t work out how to formulate my idea into a snappy headline phrase).


Author Interviews

This is probably what we’re most excited about, to be honest. Some amazing authors have been kind enough to come answer questions we have for them! We could only fit five of them into Pride month itself so this is, hopefully, going to be an ongoing feature. I’m not going to spoil it by giving you any names, but there are some doozies. And it was also just really fun to talk to them about all sorts of (gay) things! So we hope you enjoy reading these as much as we enjoyed doing them.


Rec Lists

Finally, where would we be without some special Pride month rec lists? But these are going to be extra special, because we’re going to be adding a little something to them to make them more interactive! They’ll also cover film, tv and music as well as books.


We’re really looking forward to everything we have to post this Pride Month and we hope you are too!

And finally, happy Pride!!

10 Replies to “HAPPY PRIDE MONTH”

    1. i hope you have a wonderful month!!! β€πŸ’š i haven’t read starfish so i don’t know for sure but i don’t think it is, at least i can’t find any reviews mentioning it.

      – charlotte


    1. we’re SO excited about the author interviews too!! the first one posts tomorrow, so look out for that.

      i’d be down for buddy reads if these ones work out this month (i’m so bad at actually keeping to them & not just reading the whole thing at once….)

      – charlotte


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