Book Recs: Books Taking Place in Space

Not gonna lie, Charlotte was the one who came up with today’s theme. Bur surprisingly she only helped me choose I think one title? But yes, see, we work together to bring you only the best stuff!!

Anyway, finding sci-fi books that specifically take place in space and not just in the future on a very different Earth… It’s not the easiest thing in the world. Especially, when one needs those books to have LGBT rep. Like one does. Always.

But I hope I did a decent job and you will find something of interest here! Let’s dive in!



Jacqueline Koyanagi
Rep: Black lesbian mc with a chronic illness, side lesbian characters, polyam relationship, side character with a prosthesis

Why should I read it?

My favourite thing about this book is that there are like maybe two male characters? Everyone who matters at all to the plot is a woman and that’s something so refreshing to read! Also it’s just a really warm story about the power of love, to be honest.


Space Battle Lunchtime


Natalie Riess
Rep: sapphic mc & li, interspecies relationship

Why should I read it?

It’s a middle grade graphic novel and it’s absolutely adorable. It’s quick and fun, but has some mystery and cool plot-twists and surprising villains… It’s great! Plus, you know, it’s just very gay from the start.


Barbary Station


R.E. Stearns
Rep: lesbian couple

Why should I read it?

Okay, you’ve read the blurb, but let me repeat what it says: lesbian. space. pirates. Yeah. I don’t know about anyone else, but personally? I literally do not need to know anything else to be excited about this book.


The Disasters


M.K. England
Rep: Pakistani-American bi mc with anxiety, Black British mlm mc, Khazistani trans girl mc, poc characters

Why should I read it?

I remember this being pitched as “Breakfast Club meets Firefly” and honestly… Yeah. Listen, a heist? In space? A beautiful found family? Barely anyone in the main cast is white? I don’t know what else you need to read this!


Failure to Communicate


Kaia Sรธnderby
Rep: autistic (ownvoices) bi mc, polyam relationship, poc characters

Why should I read it?

Sometimes you just really want to read a diverse sci-fi book, you know? We’ve all been there. And frankly… Off the top of my head? I can’t think of a single book more diverse than this and one that makes all the rep just feel natural and like, of course it’s there.


Ninefox Gambit


Yoon Ha Lee
TW: implied rape in a flashback scene, implied suicide attempt, suicidal thoughts
Rep: lesbian mc, male bi mc, East-Asian based characters

Why should I read it?

Please don’t let the beginning of this book discourage you. It can be a little bit dense, a little bit slow, if you’re not used to this kind of writing… But it’s worth it in the end, okay? As an encouragement, let me tell you this: not a single character is straight.




Jackson Lanzing & Collin Kelly (writers), Marcus To & Irma Kniivila (artists)
Rep: wlw relationship

Why should I read it?

Yes, okay, I know. I mention this series all the time. I put it on my graphic novels rec list & enemies to lovers one. But I just… really love it. The sapphic relationship here is one I think about all the time, because it’s just that well done and that beautiful to me. And the characters make such an amazing family!!




Emma Newman
Rep: sapphic mc with a mental illness

Why should I read it?

A science-fiction novel that’s kind of a thriller, kind of just character driven and most importantly – a book with an unreliable narrator. There are not many authors who could pull this off but here we are. If you want to try something different, something that will surprise you, this is definitely the right choice.




Nicola Griffith
Rep: sapphic characters, all women cast

Why should I read it?

If finding out that there’s not a single guy in this whole book didn’t make you wanna read it, I don’t know what will! Lmao but for real, I just love the idea of a world run by women, where men literally cannot enter for fear of dying… And that our protagonist is an anthropologist discovering said planet. (Yes, I hate real-life anthropologists, shhh.)


Waiting on a Bright Moon


J.Y. Yang
Rep: wlw characters, Southeast/East Asian inspired characters and setting

Why should I read it?

Finishing the list up with a short story, because in this house we like people to have a lot of choices. And also, we love Yang and their writing, and their ideas for worldbuilding! You can read the whole thing for free right here!

To be honest, making this list made me realise that I don’t read as much sci-fi as I would like to… I should rectify that, if you guys ever want to see another list in this genre from me. And I can only hope that you do… Umm, let me know?

Like, you can always request some specific rec lists! Either here or on twitter, be it from me or from Charlotte. Giving you what you want is literally why we started this blog.


6 Replies to “Book Recs: Books Taking Place in Space”

    1. thank u!! and i mean, this whole blog was created specifically to hype up LGBT books! we will never talk abt anything else here lmao
      maybe try to ease urself into it with some short stories??

      – anna


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