Author Interview: Anna Veriani

Today we’re here with an interview by a debut author! Anna’s book – The Winter Quarters – was released last month and it’s all about that winter aura and romance. Start off your preparations for the holiday season the right way with this, guys!

And, of course, go ahead and follow Anna on twitter!

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Book Recs: Classics (I)

I have to put my hand up here and admit me and classics don’t tend to get along. There’s just something about them that seems so dry. But then again, how do we define what constitutes a “classic” and what kind of social forces influence that? (But that’s a discussion for another time.)

Anyway to cut that long discussion short, classics tend to be white and straight and about men. Or the ones that have been long considered classics (isn’t it notable how a lot of the gay classics are more “modern” if you will – but that is also a discussion for a different time). Here you will obviously find only gay classics.

Before we start, a confession. I haven’t read any of these, so I’ve dispensed with the “why you should read it” sections.

(Also please rec me more, as ever!)

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Music Recs: Fav songs of February 2019

Yes, I was very serious when I said I plan on catching up with those posts in some reasonable, timely manner! And frankly, I’m just really excited about all my choices and want to share with you guys as soon as possible!

The ten songs I chose January are here!

So without a further ado, let’s go!

(And remember, there’s a Spotify playlist with all the songs at the end of the post!)

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Book Club: The Disasters

Took us a hot second to write down the reviews, but come on guys, it just be like that sometimes… The important thing is that we’re here and we’re ready to talk about the book! Hopefully you have read it with us and we can actually have some fun chatting!

And don’t forget: for November we chose three novellas! They’re so short, you have no excuse not to read at least one of them!

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Book Recs: F/F YA Contemporary (I)

I’m back with another f/f rec list today! This time, I’m reccing YA contemporary novels. Contemporary, because that’s what you voted for. YA because I decided (or rather, Anna told me) to split the rec lists by age (adult/NA/YA). And because I always* do what Anna says, that’s what’s happening.

(*this is not true.)

Because there is (comparably) a lot of f/f YA contemporary, I’m starting off part one of this lot of rec lists focusing on that which is less well-known (and maybe one or two five upcoming releases I’m incredibly excited for, just to whet your appetite). I’m also including ones which, while they do not have an f/f relationship, do have a sapphic mc.

As ever, all the previous posts are here.

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Discussion: Goodreads Awards & LGBT Books

As I’m sure you’re aware, the Annual Goodreads Choice Awards just started yesterday. And as you also probably already know, the list of official nominees isn’t the final list of nominees. But it is a start & it was put together just the way it was & as someone who co-runs an LGBT media blog, I wanna talk about it.

We have 20 categories and 15 books nominated in each. Some books are nominated in more than one category so it’s not actually 300 books, but it’s close enough. And how many of those 300 books do you think are LGBT ones? Before you start guessing, though, let me remind you that we have a list of all LGBT releases of the year that we could find & it’s currently over 560 books long.

Below you will find LGBT books from each category. (Not) Surprisingly there are a few with no LGBT nominees but I still numbered the categories as listed on Goodreads. (Also, if you notice I missed any books, please let me know so I can edit the post. I might know a lot but I surely don’t know everything!)

When I told Charlotte I want to write this post, it took her basically no time to decide that another thing we need are LGBT Alternative Choice Awards & she set hard to work to put them together. The categories are pretty much the same, but the nominees are – obviously – all LGBT.

Here’s a google form where you can cast your vote!

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Author Interview: Adrienne Tooley

Today’s interview is very special in the way that it get pretty personal at some point. We’re extremely grateful that Adrienne felt comfortable enough to be this honest with us. And with you, guys.

We’re also just ridiculously excited about her upcoming F/F fantasy book! It comes out in 2021 and y’all should be looking forward to that, too, if you’re not already.

So let’s just get to it!

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Wrap-up: October

October was not very good to us when it came to reading. Personally I was in a lowkey reading slump (yet again), but I don’t know what is Charlotte’s excuse for reading barely ten books… (edit: that’s a lie, I read only 10 LGBT books not 10 books total)

To be fair Charlotte made me watch 9-1-1 and we’ve both been thinking about little else since.

In any case! Here are the LGBT titles we consumed last month! And once again, the fire emoji indicates a reread/rewatch,

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Music Recs: Fav songs of January 2019

I wanted to make some kind of music rec list because despite claiming this is an LGBT media blog, we don’t really talk about much apart from books. And, in part thanks to a twitter poll I ran, I figured a “fav songs of the year” kind of post might be a good idea. But then I started listing songs and the number grew & grew & grew… Until I realised I have no choice but to make this “fav songs of a month” instead.

Yes, I’m aware it’s the end of October. But that just means I have some catching up to do! You can expect those posts every few weeks, until I get to the point where I can just make a rec list at the end of each month as it ends.

Anyway, important notes: all the songs I will list are by out LGBT artists, because this is the kind of blog we’re running here. And I’ll be linking them to YouTube and putting all songs together in a playlist on Spotify in case anyone wants to check them out that way. The playlist link is at the end of the post!

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Book Club: November Read

For November, we figured we would do something a little different (given that it’s currently book club 2 – 1 Anna). So instead of a picking a single book, we’ve picked three novellas, two at 20 pages and one at 60. I (Charlotte) will be trying to read them all (cannot speak for Anna, who has not yet even started the October read), but you’re welcome to pick and choose which to read or not. And because they’re novellas, they can hopefully be read in one sitting.

And, of course, each of the novellas contains a trans or nonbinary main character in a fantasy (or sci-fi) setting.

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